Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Icads #52 & #53

For the first card, I went with the rainbow prompt for Day 52 at Index Card a Day.

I dotted the rainbows with Copics and then used a cloud mask to sponge some cobalt & black Archival around the edges.  The quote is from Maya Angelou, "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud".

For the second card, I went with the rainbow prompt for Day 53 - mushrooms.
The background was made by dragging the card through several colors of green that had been "smooshed"  The mushrooms are painted acrylic with some doodling on and around them.  Forgive my rudimentary elf, but I just wanted him to be peeking up over the mushroom.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Icad #51

And the countdown begins ... 51/61 index cards a day ....

The prompt for Day 51 is to incorporated monsters or octopi ... I haven't seen this commercial in ages, but I kept humming it all morning long, so when I saw this challenge, I knew what I wanted.

This digital image is from Digi Shack.  I've always loved him because he's a bit of a goofball monster - Like he tries real hard to be scary, but he just can't pull it off.

I colored him with Copics (falling in love all over again, after a 2 year hiatus) and cut him out. 

The theme for this week is doodly stuff.  For my background, I squiggled all over the card with random Copics and let the shapes find me ... I enhanced them with some fine line doodling.  When I put (I'll call him) Bert on top, he got kind of lost, so I put a whitewash of gesso over the index card.  After I affixed him to the card & added the sentiment, I put some glossy accents on his eyes and teeth.

Hey, "Sometimes you feel like a NUT!"
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Icad #50

So, counting down to the last days, this is #50 of the Index Card a Day challenge - only 11 more to go.

For today's prompt, if you wanted to use it, the challenge was to incorporate an elephant.

I printed this digital stamp from Doodle Garden (etsy shop) and colored it with copics, then cut it out.  For the background, I dotted several different colors of green and 'smooshed' them between wax paper and then placed my index card on top.  I saw some leaves so I doodled them, as well as that "bird" sidding on Ellie's back ... I wrote the sentiment ... An elephant always remembers ... and discovered an old friend, the dragonfly, landing on his nose.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Lettering tutorial, courtesy of Fran Traina

Okay, I've seen Fran Traina's work in the icad forum on Facebook and have been a fan of her lettering, but this last card she did was so phenomenal, I had to pester her for details.  Don't the letters look like they're jumping off the page?

She was nice enough to walk me through her process of creating the lettering, and then went and put up a tutorial that you can find by clicking We Three 3 ...

Here's a sneak peek of how she started:

Fran also has some other lettering on her site that you'll love to see, so check it out
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Icad #49

Day 49 over at Index Card a Day

Today's prompt was knots or pretzels.  I don't use my sewing machine on cards much because it's on the 2nd floor and my "studio" is down in the basement ... But when I saw knots, an image came to mind of exactly what I wanted to do.

The background was created using a circle template that I 'flicked' my Copics back and forth through before moving on to the next color.  Thank you, Michael Carnuccio from facebook for this inspiration.  I love the way the Copic lines got thicker at the edges, accentuating the sphere shape.

On top of that, again, I had some bakers twine that was sewn to the card at top and bottom, then knotted.  Initially I had a lighter color for the lettering, but because the background was so light, I wanted a bigger pop, so I went with black.  My dylusions letters were a tad too big for this, so I 'copied' the style.  Finished off with a bit of doodles in red and pink gel pens ...

Ever since I woke up this morning, the song "Carry On My Wayward Son" has been going through my head - is it a sign? 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Icad #48

Today's prompt at Index Card a Day was to incorporate Matroyshka dolls into the mix.  I don't know if I was just plain lazy, but I used a digital stamp from My Grafico and colored it in digitally using PhotoShop Elements then resized it as they went down.

This card was a hard one for me to go ahead with, given the circumstances that occurred this morning.  I had already prepared the dolls last night and was in the middle of the card.  I did add a bit of political comment to the card, so it may not fit with the dolls, but I wanted to stand up and say something.

I have to admit, I struggled with making this one in light of the incident that occurred this morning with the Malaysian airliner, the case is still developing and we're not sure who might have been responsible, but it was a horrible occurrence.  My prayers go out to all of the families of the passengers and crew members on that flight.  May God bless them all with healing and understanding.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ICAD #47

I'm a day early for this one, but was working with the same paints as yesterday, so finished this one off too.

Today's prompt for Index Card a Day was Purple - YAY!  One of my faves!

For this card, I printed out a digital bird image from A Day for Daisies and colored it in with Copics (V12,15,17, E97,99) and then 'fussy cut' it out.

The background is actually the same irridescent paper I used for the above image because the music notes are also digitals from A Day for Daisies, then I cut it down to 3x5.  The card was washed with a thin layer of purple acrylic before affixing the bird on the branch.  Black dots were added from my homemade foam stamp.

The sentiment is from Maya Angelou.  A few doodles with my Signo Uniball and archival to edge the card, and I was done. 

There's only 14 more days of ICAD ... don't know what I'll do with myself afterwards.  This has been such a wonderful way to get my creative juices flowing, and is so relaxing to sit and create a mini-masterpiece (well, admittedly, not all were great, lol).

Thanks for stopping in ... Love to hear what you think. 
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ICAD #46

For today's prompt in the Index Card a Day 61 day challenge, we were encouraged to consider using a recipe or formula.  I've tried this recipe and while it may not be quite as good as a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, at 11:30 pm, if you're having a craving, it does in a pinch.  Yum!
It's hard to tell, but the background looked really cool before I started layering.  I took purple & made 6 different blobs, adding pale pink in increased amounts to each blob so I had 6 different shades of purple.  I then layed down some wax paper & smoodged (I know, not a word) the colors then lifted & repositioned the card several times to get an all over mottled look ... It really did look gorgeous.

Next, I used a homemade stencil with geometric shapes in an overall heart pattern to apply dark purple acrylic.  The flower was made on watercolor paper, painted a circle w/3 different colors before doodling the flower & cutting it out.  The recipe was printed out, washed with a thin acrylic purple & affixed with matte medium.  After some white & black doodling, I edged it with Archival jet black.

Have I said lately that purple is one of my favorite colors?  I like the way this looked - I may forgoe the punch and take it straight up to the kitchen.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

icad #43, #44, #45

Home for a few hours before I'm off again ... played in my studio last night and early this morning ...

This first one is an extra for one of the Daisy Yellow Art ICAD members who just had a baby on Friday, same day my sister in law got married. 

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Dawn and Bernie ... It was a beautiful ceremony, beautiful day and a beautiful time spent with you.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

also, CONGRATULATIONS to Simi on the birth of Melody ... She is such a beautiful little girl!
This one's for Melody ...
This is a Day for Daisies digital image that I printed on irridescent cardstock & colored with Copics before adding the acrylic pink & doodles.  I used Glossy Accents for the stars, heart and halo.

The prompt for this one was violin.  I printed out an image from the web & cut it out.
For the base, I painted an index card in purple, cross-hatching, then I layered some Tim Holtz melange tissue paper before adding the violin.
I finished with a bit of white printing.

The prompt for this was to use a kokeshi doll.
I layered a sheet of paper I made on my Gelli plate with stencils I made with my Silhouette - you can definitely see the daisy stencil, which I doodled a couple of the images using gel markers.
I painted the doll with acrylics and when I was done, my current nursing studies kicked in - "Respect Cultural Differences"
The prompt for this one was to use a dala horse (what the heck is that? Yes, I had to look it up on the internet ... I'm so worldy challenged, lol.  Anyway, I used a piece of map scrapbook paper & layered it onto an index card & then distressed with vintage photo from Ranger as well as some potting soil from Archival.  The horse was painted with acrylics.  I'm challenging myself to "Explore" more (even if I can't do it physically & financially).
Hope you have a great day, thanks for popping in.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

ICAD #41, #42

Day #41 for Index Card a Day ... check it out at Daisy Yellow art for more information.

The prompt for day 41 was the moon.
I started off by watercoloring the background a deep blue/purple.
I used oil pastels for the moon, applied gel medium just to the moon & when it was ALMOST dry, I rubbed the moon for some texture (it IS made of cheese, isn't it?)
I found the quote on brainyquote.com & wrote with my Signo uniball.
Short, sweet & to the point.
Day 42's prompt was text. 


First, I painted the card with some blue and rose watercolors.
Then, I used gel medium to affix some Tim Holtz terminology tissue paper
and then randomly stamped some sketchy flowers in Archival potting soil.
I found the quote, again, at brainyquotes.com.
This was computer generated & affixed to the card with gel medium.
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