Friday, April 30, 2010

We've had a rough month of April here ... After getting back from vacation, DH had a horrible cough (that he's still nursing), then some kind of intestinal flu ran through the family & recycled itself over & over again. MIL actually ended up in the hospital and now in Rehab facility til she regains her strength. It's a killer ! I've been following DH around the house with Clorox wipes, "What'd you touch?" Thank goodness it's passed over me and darling daughter (knock wood).

I've been playing with my copics and trying to work on homework. I've also been scrapbooking at the Archiver's Scrapmania's since we returned and can't believe how many pages I've got done so far. Of course, with Disney in the mix, we'll have to have 2 albums just for the 10 days we were down there.

I'm using up my entire stash of Cards on Reserve til I get my mojo back and get cracking at the stamps, tho ... It's very difficult when you have an adult male sick ... Men CAN be such babies, lol.
Anyhoo ... that's it in a nutshell ... hoping to post some stuff pretty soon.
Take care !

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