Sunday, August 24, 2008

Had time to do the Ways to Use it challenge which involved Tearing. I'm not a huge fan of this ... but when I do it, I really enjoy the results. I got this image in the Pay It Forward thread in Wednesday's mail, so it was the first thought that came to me -- pair it with my Old World map. I was just going to distress the image, but I really like the way the prismas & gamsol made it look. I tore the image & put the map on kraft & tore it as well, sponging & dragging through the distresser & ink pad. I thought it'd look cool to put 'nails' on the image & make it look like it was torn away from the nail - okay, I think it looks cool. I was going to keep it all brown, but like the way the teal layer ties into the water. I'm pleased with it, and that's what counts, right?

The next card was for the Limited Supplies - although they seem to be taking a break from the 'limited' part, which is okay by me. We were supposed to pick a stamp or set that hadn't seen ink for awhile. This wasn't a hard one for me ... I actually don't think I've EVER used the ribbon set. (One is Hope and one is Hope Is...) I used the ribbon from one and the sentiment from the other. I always felt awkward using the stamp, especially since I don't know anyone personally who's been involved in the Awareness movement (regardless of the illness) - knock wood. Didn't want to bring on bad luck-type of thing. Anyway - I used them (will give this card to a friend of mine who's active in the Relay for Life in our area.
I like the way the card turned out, so I decided I'm going to make a bunch of them with the yellow ribbon to send to Mindy Young over at SCS to forward on to
Friday night brought on a whole new challenge thread that I'd never done before: VSN - Virtual Scrapbook Night - They have the occasional challenge where they change the theme. This weekend's them was Books ... old, new, young, old ... they had it all. Challenges were limited to 45 minutes (on the honor system) to make each card. With the ones I finished, I managed to make it under the 45, but I just ran out of time. This was a crazy BIZZY weekend. I'm putting life on hold next weekend, though, because SCS is having another challenge for Labor Day. I had SUCH a good time doing the 4th of July challenge, that I'm really looking forward to this one, too.
Anyway, here's a few of the cards I came up with for the Book Club challenges:

A-Based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear - I used the Black Sheep character.
B-Based on favorite childhood nursery rhyme or story. Well, I HAD to pick Bunny Foo Foo ... long story. I got this image from the PIF thread as well. I HAVE to find the stamp - he's absolutely Fabulous! Love the square cards, just wish they weren't extra postage!

C- This was to include a bookmark. On Friday night, I went to my demo's house for a Mother/Daughter Stamp Camp (Thanks a bunch, Eileen), and we used this Pocket Fun set for a post it holder (see Eileen's site: for more info on the projects); so the set was fresh in my mind. We also worked on some pixie sticks holders - and the technique she taught us there was fresh, SO - guess what - RIGHT! I used both. This is a JUMBO paper clip & on the back of the girls, it's mirrored w/the layers, but I put the larger sentiment from this set on the back. The paper clip can come out and be used as a book mark.
D- Not happy with the results, so I'm not going to post it ... I wouldn't waste your time going to SCS to see it, either ... lol.

E- We had to incorporate twine into the card. I used the misting technique to stamp my new image from Penny Black stamps, Sweet Pleasures. As you can see, I used it to 'bind' the left edge as if it were a book. I went a step further & lashed the twine around the flower stems. Thought it looked cool.
F- We had to use sugar free Kool Aid for this one ... Does anyone already know what I'm talking about? We mixed it with clear embossing powder and it smells a bit like orange (in my case) Kool-Aid. I call it my 'Scratch ~n~ Sniff card', although I'm not sure you're supposed to scratch it. I'm not sure how long the scent will last.

G- This was one of my favorite ones. We were supposed to use newsprint, newsprint DP or a stamp with newsprint inspiration. I found this cool stamp at my local stamp store and decided to make a collage background for my card on vanilla c/s. I added some Penny Black silhouette flowers, some flourishes and a couple of swirl shapes - all in chocolate brown, and think it turned out well. I stamped the image (Penny Black Fresh Fields) onto Sage cardstock in chocolate ink as well. I did the same with the separate sentiment distressing both panels & then dragging through the chocolate ink pad & sponged them. (For someone who doesn't care for the tearing methods, I seem to be quite pleased with the results.)

H - This was another bookmark. I didn't pay attention apparently, because I just made a card at first with a bug theme ... went back after I'd finished to find out -- Oops. Today was a crazy hectic day with cheerleading, so I didn't get a chance to play around with the challenges again til later this afternoon. I redid the bookmark card, but kept the similar colors cuz I thought they looked so good.
I - Pearl Ex - I used Versamark to get the 'glue' for the pearl ex powder to stick to - used the gold on both the heart image as well as the sentiment. I was going to put some ribbon in the upper right corner, but we (me, myself and I) couldn't seem to agree on what to put there, so "I" won out - and left it. Sometimes with gold you have to be frugal with the rest of the stuff.
K - This was my last card. We had to watercolor. Okay, not so much a challenge since this is my favorite method. I had an image in mind, this PIF'd one, problem was, it's on regular cardstock, so I ended up using a blender pen and water color pencils instead of traditional watercoloring. I so love the water color paper with these images. Not 100% pleased with the flower colors, but I LOVED the way the clay pot turned out - What clay pot is that you ask? Well, I need to put a birthday sentiment on it, so, you CAN'T see it ... lol. Kitty is our Snickers - can't you tell - grey Tabby? I'm so stymied by my pink cards - Not a 'princess' kind of gal, I like my frilly stuff, but this is like the 10th pinky-pink card I've come up with - I don't know where they come from? Pink isn't even my favorite color. (Although this ribbon IS pretty close to my favorite - the wide satin with polka dots).
I ran out of gas AND time at 9:00 tonight since we were supposed to have them uploaded by 10 pm, so this is it for me. My DH has been working on removing a futon from one of our spare rooms, so I'm thinking I may FINALLY be able to move the goods upstairs so I don't feel quite so abandoned when I'm stamping.
Thanks for listening to my rambling.
Wish me luck this Tuesday when I start Microbiology .


angeljakki said...

You have some lovely cards on your blog. Good Luck on Tuesday

Lynn Put said...

WOW, these are all fabulous cards! I love your coloring on the cute kitty card!