Friday, May 15, 2009

Check back in a little while ....

School's over ... thank goodness ... was interfering with my stamping, lol. Bad news, because of a mistake on my part - not double checking my checklist ... I have to wait til January to enter the Nursing Program. I'm done with all the extra classes needed during the nursing program, but will try to take at least 1 class over the summer and again in the fall to stay in the swing of studying.

Just getting ready to participate in tonight's VSN "Viva Las VSN" challenges, and realized I hadn't posted a couple of the cards I've done over the last few weeks, so need to scope out my other computer to get the pics up ... and get ready for tonight ... I'm hosting the 9pm (10 pm EDT) challenge, so come over and take a look ... I'll be back in a bit to link the page.

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