Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiffany Doodles - Sneak Peak Day #3

Okay, so this is the last day for the Sneak Peak's - 3 different digital images available for purchase on this Friday, January 28th.  For each of the 3 individual releases Tiffany has 2 different versions of each that are included ... Does that make sense?  You buy one of them and you get 2 different versions of the same digital image - can't divulge, it's a Sneak Peak, after all.

This next one was super pretty to color - and so many different variations - as you can tell by this sampler Sneak Peak.  And that's not all - tons of inspiration for you once you buy the digital image.

Make sure to come back on Friday, January 28th, to Tiffany Doodles' storefront to pick up not just one, but all 3 of them.  I promise you won't be sorry - they're so beautiful!
That's it for the Sneak Peak's this week ... I promise.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Arts by Sara said...

Hmmmm.... And yet another one!? LOL! I will be back to check them out! I promise! (I am like a bad penny, that just keeps coming back!) Have a great day! Happy Creating! Sara