Thursday, May 22, 2014

I've been Missing in Action

Oh my, has it been THAT long?

Well, last summer, I graduated from Nursing School, took the Boards and passed after only 75 questions - YAY ... Now officially a Registered Nurse.

Put off job hunting til we got the munchkin off to college.  Boy was that tough - for her, and maybe even more for Mom & Dad ... She had a tough first few weeks, we weren't sure if we'd end up having to go pick her up & bring her home, but she toughed it out - I knew she could do it!

I started classes for the BSN in October, so have been busy with that, visiting the munchkin down at school twice for the holidays, then having her home for winter break, then back into BSN classes (estimated graduation of May 2015).

Munch is home for the summer, already has a job, so I guess I don't have any more excuses but to get that resume in order & start pounding the pavement, right?

Better said than done ... This winter I found two new loves that have occupied what spare time I have - ceramics and art journaling.

I still love my cards, and am itching to get back into that ... I finally set up two stations here in my basement/craftroom so that I can have one dedicated to art journaling and one for stamping cards & such.  The ceramics I have to venture out to do ... that is until I get myself a wheel and a kiln - no, that's not going to happen!  (Scott says "Thank God for small favors!", lol).  I've been to a couple of Color Me Mine stores for painting, but my truest favorite is Thrown Elements in Arlington Heights ... They have it ALL!  There have been a couple of days where I've spent nearly a whole day painting.  It's like therapy for me, and much cheaper than a psychologist would cost.  And the staff there is truly amazing - I've only been going there for a few months, and I feel like it's been years.  They're all so amazing and helpful, 'specially Rosie, Christa and Ed - AMAZING peeps!

So ... I will probably be posting some pictures of my ceramic creations and some of my art journals here as well ... If you see them, please be gentle on the art journals ... I've only been doing that since April.  I'll be the first one to say some of them are crap, but they got me trying techniques I'd forgotten about and new ones I didn't even know about ...

So, hope to see some of my ol' buds around the neighborhood ...

Tata for now ...

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