Sunday, June 01, 2014

ICAD intro & #1

Something short and sweet - and fun to do in just a few minutes ...

ICAD 2014

Index Card a Day for 60 days starting June 1 - July 31st.  Check out  Daisy Yellow Art's ICAD information to find out more about it ... all it takes is 60 3x5 index cards and a little ingenuity.

I started off simple ... this one took me all of 15 minutes ... and most of that was searching online for a Haiku poem about spring ... Suffice it to say that those out there that write Haiku poems (5-7-5 syllable style) have nothing to worry about as far as me taking over, haha.

I started this off with a light yellow acrylic base then stenciled around the edges with a darker yellow over a stencil I made with my Silhouette.  I then took some acrylic paint and loosely painted a branch with some buds before adding the poem.  VOILA!

I think for my next card I might double up the index cards ... either I got a very cheap brand, they're making them thinner, or after applying media they just get plain soft.

Thanks for peeking!

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