Sunday, July 20, 2008

Here is my latest contribution to the Inspiration challenge over at The inspiration was to be found on Kay Lamb Shannon's website. Anne (Itsapassion) was subbing this week and had picked the rooster on the outhouse poster.
I thought I had a rooster (had the card all set out in my mind), but nothing ... who doesn't have a rooster, for Pete's sake? Anyway, headed out to my local stamp/scrap store, nothing ... so trekked on over to Michael's (mind, gas is now $4.24 per gallon), nothing. I didn't want to hit the Hobby Lobby 'cuz that was going in a whole 'nuther direction, so I came home defeated.
So (you say) .... why didn't you look at the rest of Kay Lamb Shannon's gallery - there's more than just roosters! I'm a dork ... that's why. Found some victorians, so pulled out my old Victorian standby & watercolored it. AND, since I was using a Victorian house, I intentionally searched out this old miniature dollhouse wallpaper my mother in law gave me some time ago. Thought the old pattern was perfect to use as a background for my victorian house. Because I mounted this on navy, I put 2 panels of copy paper inside for a note.

Thanks for looking.

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