Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tuesday's challenges - For the first, Julie wanted us to make a clean, simple white card with minimal acoutrements. Check.

Then Christine wanted us to use a watercolor technique. Here are my contributions for those challenges.
I feel like I've been kept in the dark for awhile - I didn't even know these cute Penny Black Hedgehogs existed until last couple of months. (And "No", I don't live under a rock.) I don't typically go for super bright cards, but I thought I stretched even so with the one on the right. My initial choice of the base card stock was coral to match the tips of the flowers, but when I laid it against the image layer, it screamed "SUNGLASSES", so I toned it down a smidge. I still like the way it looks.

Our last challenge was to make a masculine card. I have to be honest - most of the stamps I have are flowery, vintage or cutesy. I always cringe when someone says "masculine". BUT, I still did the task and came up with this:
I'm not that thrilled with the way it looks in the photo. In real life, the image is a bit darker and seems to meld with the rest of the card. Once agian, however, I wish Icould have done it a little differently. Thank goodness we're not getting graded on these cards, and it's just based on our best effort.

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