Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pounded Flowers

Oh My - I've found yet another FAVORITE Technique!!!

This is the Pounded Flower technique featured as the Technique Lover's Challenge over on SplitCoast Stampers this week.

Take fresh flowers - I like the smaller sized ones, maybe 1/2 dollar size, but you can use anything you want.

You take a piece of watercolor paper and lay your flowers open-faced down (so best part of flower is facing the watercolor paper). I actually put one layer of paper towel below the watercolor paper and another on top of the flowers before sandwiching them (in my case, using the Cuttlebug, I used C, B, paper/flowers, B plates).

The paper towel did a nice job absorbing the liquid from the squooshed flowers. (I know, it's not a word, lol). I actually let the flowers set on the paper for a few minutes before removing them, thinking the color would deepen.

Well, my flowers were bright red, and you see I got a lavendar result. After they dry a little bit, I brushed the floral debris off with a soft toothbrush. Because I had a 'red' effect in mind, I spritzed the water color paper a little then added some real red ink to give it a deeper red color.

After it dried, I just didn't have the heart to cover anything up, so this is probably as simple a layout as they come.

I'm going to put some baggies in the car so that on my way to school or work, if I see some pretty weedy flowers on the road, I can snag 'em up and try this again ... I absolutely LOVE how this turned out.

Thanks for taking a peek.

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