Thursday, June 10, 2010

Been Uber-Busy last few weeks with school (mine, not the kid's. She's been out for 3 weeks now). Took a semester course in 12 days - can you say ARGH! Test every other day & 3 reports all within that time. Did very well with an 'A' in the course, so I guess it wasn't too bad ... Now, if that wasn't enough, this week I started Psych class for 2 months and just this week (thank goodness it's not the entire summer), I'm in class for 2 days for re-certification of my CNA - Now it's a requirement to get into the Nursing Program - which, let's HOPE, hope, hope will be in January. All my ducks are now in the same row - just need to get clinicals done, take the test & can apply.

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