Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Ok, so we didn't surpass 1967's blizzard, but last night's snowstorm was quite a doozy!  It never really stopped snowing from the batch we got on Monday, but it started hitting stronger in the late afternoon - and let me tell you - they weren't kidding when they said 2-3 inches per hour.  Only thing was the snow was coming down sideways  (ok, conundrum ... down does NOT equal sideways, lol).  Wind was brutal.  We shovelled or snowblowed every 1-2 hours until about 1 am thinking we were staying on top of it ... Can I say MISTAKE?  Hubs said, "Oh it'll be fine in the morning."  Famous near last words!  Woke up this morning to 2 feet of snow against the garage door.  Couldn't open the front door.  And the drift at the bottom of the driveway was over 4 feet tall.  I can't blame it all on the snowplows, either, cuz they had only hit our street down the very center all night.  Our poor ole snowblower worked very hard this morning. 
This was about a foot up the slider - keep in mind we have 2 steps and it was level out.  If it wasn't for the stinkin' dog ...  
You can see the snow's about 18" on the ground - and that's after working on it non-stop from about 3 til midnight.  See at the end of the drive the pile was at least 4 feet with the drifting.  Hubs is saying "Ah, I see light at the end of the tunnel."  Even tho we rarely use the snowblower, man did it come in handy this morning.
Out our backdoor - that fence is 5 feet tall
The ONLY reason we shovelled out the back is because the dog just sat there looking at us this morning "Yeah, and I'm supposed to do WHAT?"  Parked his butt in front of the open door and just sat there til we shovelled him his "poop paths" ... And yes, I had to go out to the grass, cuz I don't want him getting used to taking care of his business on the patio.  Too bad we couldn't maneouver the snowblower out back.

Anyway - now that that nasty bit of business is done (and the snow is shining, lol), no school today, munchkin is still over at a sleepover (cuz I'm not driving to pick her up til they start plowing the roads), I think I shall visit my stamps ... I heard them calling earlier.  They miss me so, lol.
Hope those of you East of us don't get hit as hard. 
I know this probably isn't the worst some of you have seen, snow-wise, but it's been a long while since we got hit this hard and fast here in Chicagoland.
Stay snuggly and warm. 
I made a pot of homemade chicken soup before heading out to tackle shoveling this morning and boy does it smell good.  If only my stamps 'n stuff were upstairs near the fireplace, I'd be one hugely happy camper.

Thanks for popping in - Take care.


Crystal said...

Wow, so much snow but is sure looks pretty! Hope you had fun stamping :)

Cheryl said...

Here in the Detroit area we only got half of what they expected, but it was still 6-8 inches. I stayed in and let everyone else do all the work. I played with my Copics. ;O)

Arts by Sara said...

Wowzer! You did get hit hard! We didn't get any of that here in Wisconsin which is funny since I am in the middle between you and Heide! I am glad... we won't be getting anything tomorrow... it is to flippin' cold to snow here! LOL! Have a great day tomorrow! Happy Creating! Sara