Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mini Calendar Swaps

Omygosh - someone STOP ME next time I sign up for one of these crazy swaps.  Actually, one would have been just fine ... But crazy me, overachiever that I am, wanted to try 4 of them ... didn't realize until after the fact that each of the (4) had to be duplicated 13 times.  Argh ... I'm not an assembly line kind of gal.

Anyway, I'm happy with the results, now that they're done.

This first one is for February, done with the Changito Cupid Set.  I don't remember the last time I made anything that was limited to a 4x4 inch square.  This is my first mini-calendar swap, so I didn't know what to expect, hence the lack of embellishments.  I made the calendar on the computer.

My second one is for April - I was going to use the 3 mice in the eggs image - but that takes up the whole width of a regular size card, so had to downsize to this Sleeping Under the Flowers image.  He's so stinking cute.

The third one is for June - I used the Changito Piggyback image (representing Father's Day) for this one.

My last one is for July - Hot, Lazy, Summer days - relaxing with a nice tart lemon popsicle. 

All these images were colored with Copics.  Lets see .... 4 months ... times 2 panels (including the calendar) ... times 13 sets ... I've gone through 6 tape runners and have an aching back from leaning over the table.  Maybe just ONE swap next time, lol.

Thanks for popping in for a look-see.  Always enjoy your comments!

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Tazza said...

Oh Wow! You did great! I love them all too... Clean and simple is the way to go when doing a big job like that! I have not done any swaps lately but they can be a bit overwhelming when you have to make so many! Ack!