Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ICAD #46

For today's prompt in the Index Card a Day 61 day challenge, we were encouraged to consider using a recipe or formula.  I've tried this recipe and while it may not be quite as good as a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, at 11:30 pm, if you're having a craving, it does in a pinch.  Yum!
It's hard to tell, but the background looked really cool before I started layering.  I took purple & made 6 different blobs, adding pale pink in increased amounts to each blob so I had 6 different shades of purple.  I then layed down some wax paper & smoodged (I know, not a word) the colors then lifted & repositioned the card several times to get an all over mottled look ... It really did look gorgeous.

Next, I used a homemade stencil with geometric shapes in an overall heart pattern to apply dark purple acrylic.  The flower was made on watercolor paper, painted a circle w/3 different colors before doodling the flower & cutting it out.  The recipe was printed out, washed with a thin acrylic purple & affixed with matte medium.  After some white & black doodling, I edged it with Archival jet black.

Have I said lately that purple is one of my favorite colors?  I like the way this looked - I may forgoe the punch and take it straight up to the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping in ... Hope you have a great day!

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