Friday, June 20, 2014

Couple of Art Journals featuring Prima Dolls

Okay, so I've been reclaiming a composition book that I bought for homework, but never use.  I pulled out about 1/2 the pages (every couple of pages, I'd tear out 2 pages & pulled the other half out through the backside) to thin the book out.  Then I used a matte medium to adhere the pages together two at a time for thickness & then gesso'd them in either clear, white or black.  I kind of like that the lines show through ever so faintly on some of the pages.

This is my first spread in the 'new' journal.  While I know they're not new to the rest of the world, since I've only been working for real in art journals since April, these Julie Nutting Prima Dolls are new to me.  I love that they're just the right size for this book ... the 1st three layouts have one of these beauties on them - thinking this may be my Prima Princess Portfolio, lol.  I love that I can paper piece or color with my beloved Copics. 

I don't know what I was thinking - I'm not a fan of orange, yet - what the heck happened here?  I made the stamps in the corners, the stars and the ones that hang down (kind of like beads).    I paper-pieced "Mia's" dress then colored her in & shaded with Copics.

In between homework assignments and doodling around with art journaling and painting ceramics (need to do more of that), I've been saving my favorite quotes.  I'd like to save these quotes in my journal pages to flip back through later on and think about the meaning behind them.

This next page was all about pink, can you tell?  The name of this Prima doll is "Four" ... did Julie Nutting run out of names?  I also paper-pieced her dress and added book text to her skin before shading with Copics.  Stamps used were from Stampin-Up.  If you look close, you can see the drywall netting I laid down under the layers.  I had fun with this one, thinking of outrageous ways to describe myself, lol.

This next one was in my smaller homemade journal.  I was feeling a bit down, and forced myself to think of bright colors.  I'm glad I did.  By the time I got done with this page I was feeling decidedly better.  Burlap & Harlequin stencils were used, then I painted the simple flowers at the bottom.  I used my Cricut for the first time in 2 years (maybe the 10th time in all?) for the larger words.  This one actually is making me smile all over again - I guess it accomplished it's purpose?

Anyways, thanks for popping in for a look-see ...
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