Monday, June 30, 2014

icads x 3

Okay, here's a couple of Index Cards a Day samples ... Officially one month in the bag, one to go ...

Day #29 - the prompt was California ... I asked Tay give me 2 things/words/themes when I say "California" ... She said palm trees and sunshine ... Since I've never been, I couldn't come up with something that wasn't just an outline of the state ...
I had a piece of script DP collaged on, then painted w/acrylics the sand, ocean and sky ... I freehand drew the palm leaves and palm trunk onto old book pages that I then washed with thin layer of acrylic before I decoupaged them onto the card.  I then shaded with inktense pencils, added the acrylic sun & wrote in the sentiment - Don't get me wrong, I'm sure California's nice, but I've only ever been to the east coast, and I'd much rather brave the humid wet air of Florida than the drier air in California (said 'tongue in cheek').
Day #30 - The prompt for this card was 'RED'.
I painted card with a thin wash of red acrylic then wiped off with a baby wipe - almost pink now, and card is bumpy from destroying the paper fibers.  Anyway, slogged on - paining red random stripes and then going to town with the black and white doodling.  Since I was just having fun ... that became my motto.

Day #31 - The prompt here was 'Bouquet'
About two weeks ago, Michael Carnuccio posted a card that he did with colored pens inside a circle template.  I thought it looked awesome, but wanted to see what the Copics looked like with a similar technique - I love how the brush stroke is wider at the edge, gives it an almost built-in shading.  Once that was done, I sat looking at it for - well, probably the last 2 weeks?  When this weeks prompts were posted, I knew IMMEDIATELY what I was going to do ... make some of those circles flowers.  Each of the flowers I doodles has one of those circles underneath.  I doodled the flowers and then colored them in with a thin acrylic wash in various colors.  I just love the way this turned out.  Some of these flowers are seen along the sides of my homework notes - since I'm often doodling in the margins as I'm contemplating the current chapter.

Thanks for stopping in ... Have a great day.

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