Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Index Card a Day 2014 updates

ICAD updates ... I jumped ahead a couple of days because I'll have homework Thursday and Friday.  If you're interested in checking to see what all the fuss is about, click on the Index Card a Day for June & July link for more details.

This first one is a take on an album cover - I chose Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album.  I colored him in with Copics while I used Inktense pencils for the flag.
For this next one, the daily prompt was to use a magnifying glass - I took it uber-literal ... see that candy heart on the table?  I used acrylics, Copics and inktense pencils for this one.  Hard to tell, but I used glossy mod podge for the glass in the magnifying glass to make it shinier.

For this next one, the prompt was a maple leaf.  I had the background already collaged onto the index card, I just added a blurb of book text that I had crumpled and inked and then a maple leaf I snagged from the internet & decoupaged it down.  I then shaded with an inktense pencil & added a little blurb on the side.

The prompt for this next one was ... wait for it ... "BROWN" ... I was sitting here wondering how other countries say the same color, VOILA!  If you look close, below each color is the name of the country that the word comes from.  Finished it off with some linear doodling and dots.

Okay, now this one, I'm not so proud of ... I'm huge Star Wars fan (not uber-fan, but close) ... and I just could NOT think of anything clever to make ... Sooooo ... I colored the back with blue acrylic wash and then wrote with a Pitt liner & added the stars. 

I'm on a roll - that's 27 cards (almost in a row, taking into account the couple of days a week that I need to jump ahead) ... I'm having loads of fun being creative again.  I'm sure I'll be sorry when the 61 days are over.
Thanks for popping in ... Have a great day!

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