Monday, February 09, 2015

Rick St. Dennis Play Time

Oh my, I've been having an absolute blast coloring the last few days ... All images from Rick St. Dennis' Zibbet store ... Take a peek ... I put them on 1/2 sheets, so I think I may be looking at an RSD journal of 5.5 x 8.5 ... time will tell ... well, on to all the wonderfully drawn images, and my attempts to color them and do them justice:

1938 Supper Club Cocktail Dress

Bal Masque
Extravagance Hat Lady
Rosa Linda
Withering Glance
And this one ... WAY outside my comfort zone, lol, but Monique van Dijk challenged me to do something dark, while I challenged her to do something soft, pretty and pink.  Rick actually made two images, one for each of us, and this was my end of the bargain, called Grizbella Grey:
I've always said that I love looking at Monique's, Helen's and all the other dark or off-beat images, but didn't necessarily want to color them ... well, I actually wasn't too displeased with the results, lol.
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I'll have a new Ching Chou Kuik project as well as
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